About AirSENCE™

About AirSENCE™

AirSENCE™ (Air SENsor for Chemicals in the Environment) is an air monitoring technology comprised of a network of sensors to provide continuous real-time air quality information to users anywhere, anytime. It is a revolutionary real-time air quality monitoring device that gathers continuous high spatial resolution air quality data. As a low-cost air monitoring technology for urban environments, the AirSENCE™ platform offers a fully integrated system with ongoing sensor and software support, not just another off-the-shelf sensor product currently available on the market.

Tested rigorously for several years in both low and high environment polluted environments, AirSENCE provides accurate and reliable data fulfilling the air monitoring objectives of multiple stakeholders. With unique sensor array architecture and circuitry, AirSENCE™ overcomes sensor drift and degration and provides near-reference data at a very low-cost, near 10 times less than conventional monitoring stations.

Key Advantages

High Accuracy

Robust Calibration and Sensor Drift Correction

Compact-Portable, Scalable

Easy to Install

Integrated Metrics

Air Quality Index - AQI
Air Quality Health Index - AQHI

Distributed Sensor Network

High Reliability of the sensor network
Remote and real-time access to data

Multi-Pollutant Tracking

PM2.5, O3, CO, CO2, NOx

Cost Effective

Cost saving innovation with low-cost sensors and state of the art technology



Web Application

Mobile Application