ARGUS TMS – Traffic Monitoring

AUG’s Argus TMS is a state-of-the-art, radar-based continuous traffic monitoring system. Its innovative design allows it to capture data on traffic volume, speed, and more, as well as distinguishing clearly between cars, trucks, animals, bicycles and other moving vehicles on the road.

  • Continuous traffic monitoring: Argus TMS monitors and analyzes traffic passing through the monitored region for volume, speed, and more, using AUG’s superior signal processing technology.
  • Classification capability: Argus TMS can classify, count and track cars, trucks, bicycles, animals and pedestrians within the monitored region.
  • Customizable installation: Unlike loop detectors, Argus TMS can be easily installed without digging on the roadway or other invasive environmental modifications. Its set-up can be customized to fit unique operational requirements, including mobile units.
  • Advanced warning: Argus TMS can be connected to an early warning system to alert operators or authorities to traffic accidents, unsafe speeds, animal incursions, swerving vehicles or other potentially dangerous incidents.
  • Low power requirements: Argus TMS operates on very low power. The system can easily function off-the-grid, relying on solar power or other alternative power sources.