Work Zone Safety System

AUG has developed a portable radar-based warning system to detect oncoming vehicles and warn drivers about active roadwork sites, ongoing accident clean-up and infrastructure maintenance. Based on AUG’s extensive signal processing experience, this system effectively warns on-coming drivers about upcoming worksites, alerts workers to vehicles approaching at unsafe speeds and records the necessary data to document unsafe road conditions and dangerous roadside incidents.

AUG’s work zone safety system uses small, lightweight radars that can be easily transferred to new work sites as needed or even mounted onto roadwork vehicles. AUG’s effective detection and warning capabilities alert drivers and workers to potential threats and accidents on the road, creating a safer, smarter work environment for roadside workers. Portable, rugged and weather resistant, this radar-based system operates 24/7 and is unaffected by weather or light conditions, making it an ideal solution to protect and maintain safe roadwork zones.