Forest Management

Forest Management

Forest Height Retrieval using multi-pass C- and X-band POLInSAR data

The retrieval of forest parameters, such as forest height, plays a crucial role in Earth’s atmosphere and environment monitoring, especially for measuring and monitoring the carbon storage capacity.

AUG’s forest parameter estimation algorithms using both C- and X-band multiple baselines POLInSAR data provides accurate estimates of forest height, delivering a cost-effective solution for managing and monitoring remote forest areas.


Forest Fire Risk Monitoring

AUG’s forest fire risk monitoring technology uses RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) compact polarimetric (CP) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data to predict forest fire risk in Canada.

AUG’s innovation is based on RCM CP SAR data, which has the potential to play a significant role in forest fire danger forecasting. It can complement the current practice of using only meteorological information from a limited number of weather stations and can address some of the limitations of optical data. AUG’s technology enables improved swath size and revisits frequency while providing valuable information for fire danger forecasting.