About AUG Signals      

Founded in 1986, A.U.G. Signals Ltd. (AUG) has been dedicated to excellence in signal, image and data processing for over three decades. A leader in its field, AUG is at the forefront of research and development in registration, detection, recognition, classification and identification, tracking, data mining techniques, intelligent systems and online distributed processing, situation assessment for decision support, and multi-sensor information fusion.

AUG has an extensive track record of successful projects, collaborating with government, academic and industry partners. AUG develops customized technologies and products for its clients. The company has the capabilities to deliver end-to-end solutions (data acquisition, processing, map production and online distribution) that effectively meet clients’ specifications and unique requirements. A shortlist of activities include airborne hyperspectral surveys; the custom implementation of Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) systems for Automatic Target Detection (ATD), Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and situation assessment and decision support; the custom implementation of Image Change Detection and Automatic Multi-sensor Image Registration and Fusion systems; and online signal processing. AUG is also active in processing a wide range of space-based, airborne, and ground-based applications.

Concrete applications of AUG’s technological innovations include the monitoring of drinking/source water and the environment, multi-sensor surveillance of maritime and land, natural resources mapping, large animal detection and traffic monitoring system and applications for the military.

Philosophy & Vision


AUG believes in the value of collaborative relationships and building partnerships with government, industry, academia and clients to understand the world and make it safer. The company achieves excellence through ethics, dedication, and innovation, creating solutions for efficient operation and effective decision-making.


AUG’s commitment is to build a safer, more secure world. In the next decade, AUG aims to translate its 28 years of technology and product development excellence into new and more diverse global markets, offering industry leading solutions in:

  • Security and surveillance;
  • Public safety;
  • Environmental monitoring & resource exploration; and
  • Intelligent transportation systems.

Building on its proven track record of innovation excellence, AUG will continue to be a global leader in signal processing technology.


AUG’s mission is threefold:

  1. To deliver customized, reliable and robust solutions those meet the needs of AUG’s global clientele;
  2. To succeed by quickly identifying and adapting to dynamic challenges to deliver advanced technology solutions that are cost effective, sustainable and innovative; and
  3. To leverage AUG’s unique human knowledge capital – digital signal processing expertise – to create products that protect people and critical infrastructure, ensure environmental sustainability, and deliver higher profits to customers through improved operational efficiency.