Change Detection

Change detection algorithms analyze multiple images of the same scene – taken at different times – to identify regions of change. The ability to detect regions of change in images is a powerful tool that can be used in a diverse range of applications including military surveillance, environmental baseline monitoring, land use change analysis, crop stress detection, assessment of deforestation, disaster management (e.g., monitoring of changes during flooding), ice monitoring, medical diagnosis and treatment, and urban planning. AUG Signals has developed several advanced change detection algorithms that may be applied to multiple applications.

change detection1
change detection2
cahnge detection3
Original image: May 28, 1997
Original image: July 16, 1997
Original image: August 8, 1997
change detection4
change detection5
change detection6
Changes of land
Changes of shallow water
Changes of deep water

 Yellow – no change
 Red – deletion
 Green – addition
 Black – region of no interest