Large Animal Detection System™

Large Animal Detection System™

Large Animal Detection System™ (LADS) is a first-of-its-kind, award-winning detection system designed to monitor the presence of large animals on highways and provide warning to motorists for as long as the animals remain in the monitored region. Its innovative design ensures robust detection and continuous monitoring capabilities. LADS runs entirely on solar power, requires minimal disturbance to the pre-existing environment, and operates efficiently under harsh weather conditions.

LADS received a 2013 Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada (ITS Canada) Award in recognition of its significant and notable advancement

LADS employs state-of-the-art detection technology, resulting in an innovative design that provides end-users with several key benefits:

  • Accuracy
  • Cost savings
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Low environmental impact
  • Low maintenance
  • Low training requirements
  • Accurate: LADS has extremely low false detection rates and superior functionality in extreme weather conditions.
  • Cost savings: Reducing animal-vehicle collisions results in fewer collision insurance claims, animal and human injuries, fatalities, and lower cleanup costs, translating into millions of dollars of savings to society.
  • Traffic monitoring: LADS can monitor and analyse traffic passing through the monitored region for volume, speed, and more.
  • Remote access (optional): Operators can remotely access and monitor LADS.
  • Low environmental impact: LADS’ innovative pole-mounted design eliminates the need for clearance, resulting in minimal invasiveness to the environment.
  • Low maintenance: LADS allows extended periods between maintenance, further reducing costs. Its unique radar-based system design means no sensor alignment is required.
  • Low training requirements: LADS can be easily operated by existing personnel with minimal training.


Maximum coverage(per unit) 1400m; 1.54 km2
Target Types Vehicles, animals
Target Velocity 0.1 to 50 m/s
False Alarms < 1 per 24 hrs
Misdetection Rate 1 per 10000
Input Power 24 VDC
Radiated Power Safe for human exposure
Dimensions:RadarControl box 33cm (h) x 43cm (dia)39cm (h) x 34cm (w) x 20cm (d)
Weight (combined) 15kg



Temperature -30˚C to +60˚C (operating)-40˚C to +70˚C (storage)
Humidity 50% ± 5 to 95% ± 4,non-condensing
Altitude Up to 4500m
Vibration MIL-STD-810F
Wind Up to 120 km/hr
Weather Sealing Weather resistant (rain, snow, dust, sand, salt spray)
Power Consumption 75 W
Environmental Ratings NEMA 4
Ratings(Radar) FCC Class B, EN 301480, Parts 1 & 3;CE: EN 60215 EN 300019-1-4(Class 4.1E with -40˚C)EN 300019-1-5 (Class 5.2, including mechanical class 5M3)