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Products & Services

Incorporated in 1986, AUG has grown from its origins as an aerospace and defence technology consulting and research and development firm to become a global provider of innovative technology solutions addressing customer needs in the Safety, Security and Surveillance; Airborne & Space-based Resource Exploration; Environmental Monitoring and Intelligent Transportation sectors. AUG’s advanced solutions are built on strong expertise in signal processing, optimization and software design.

restricted-areaAUG’s core technologies, including target detection, classification, identification and tracking, image registration, information fusion and change detection have been successfully applied to many defence and security applications, such as maritime surveillance, battlefield situation assessment and border patrol operations.  AUG has a long history of working with Canada’s DND and DRDC on these projects. 

yanqiWater Quality Monitoring: TRITON Intelligent Water Surveillance® is an innovative system that combines superior signal processing, multi-source data fusion technologies and high-resolution spectrometric system. The water monitoring system provides accurate water quality information and synthesizes all sensor-acquired data streams – all in real-time.

Air Quality Monitoring: AirSENCE™ is an air monitoring technology comprised of a network of sensors to provide continuous air quality information to users anywhere, anytime. As a low-cost, compact (20.3×25.4×15.2cm) air monitoring technology for urban environments, the AirSENCE™ platform offers a fully integrated system with ongoing sensor and software support, not just another off-the-shelf sensor product currently available on the market.

RegistrationBased on AUG’ expertise in SAR hyperspectral and multispectral data processing, AUG provides the following airborne/space-based applications:


Road sign

AUG offers a radar-based award-winning technology for monitoring and analyzing traffic/roadways. Its unique features include all-weather operation, non-invasive installation, early warning system, and highly accurate algorithms.  It provides help to a wide range of traffic monitoring needs, including: vehicle counting, tracking and classification at intersections or on roadways; and accident/incident monitoring, particularly in regions with harsh climate conditions.